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High Quality CCTV Installation Services in Edmonton

Yogi’s Locksmith and Auto Repair have spent years establishing its reputation as a reliable auto repair and locksmith company. Our versatile team of auto technicians and locksmiths is highly trained and each member is certified and licensed to provide proper care for all Edmonton residents. Our top quality residential, commercial and car locksmith solutions have become widely known as highly effective and reliable. We fully guarantee that our lock & key technicians have the knowhow and the equipment necessary to address any of your security issues, including CCTV installation.

For more info on our CCTV installation services call (780) 628-7600

Being security experts, we always emphasize the importance of having layers of security in your home or office. Naturally, we can provide you with the installation and maintenance of each layer so that you can feel confident in the safety of your property. Consider the below mentioned options for your own home or office.

Physical security is your main defense in the battle against thieves and intruders. For example, having a commercial grade deadbolt installed in your home with the bolt extending at least an inch into the doorjamb is important. Don’t take your physical security for granted; allow us to help you keep things in good repair.

Heightened security comes from having an effective perimeter surveillance system. You deserve a customized security plan, which is something our team can help you with. A Yogi’s Locksmith & Auto Repair technician will come to your residence or office and help you determine the key points for cameras and monitoring equipment. CCTV installation is not as expensive as you might think. And, with our professional help we can make sure everything is up and running smoothly for you.

Our Surveillance System Services Include:

  • Access control key systems
  • CCTV installation and repair
  • Intercom system installation as well as repair
  • Alarm systems installation and maintenance

Available around the clock, Yogi’s Locksmith & Auto Repair services the entire Edmonton area. Our 30-minute arrival time is guaranteed and our highly qualified locksmith technicians are committed to top performance. Remember, when it comes to top quality security services, including CCTV installation, we are simply the best!

Reasonable prices and customer satisfaction are guaranteed!

For premium CCTV installation services in Edmonton call (780) 628-7600