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Every day you drive your car to and from work. Every week you go to the grocery store, the bank, and to other places to take care of various errands. You might also go shopping, go out of town on the weekends, or travel a moderate distance to a nice restaurant. But all of it is dependent on your car’s ability to function properly. If you don’t have backup for when emergencies render your car unusable, you have to say goodbye to a whole lot of activities – most of them necessary for daily life! Yogi’s Locksmith & Auto Repair in Edmonton provides roadside assistance for emergencies to drivers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a guaranteed 30 minute arrival time.

For more info on our roadside assistance services in Edmonton call (780) 628-7600

Auto locksmith services are one of the most important reasons why drivers need to have Yogi’s Locksmith & Auto Repair on speed dial for Edmonton roadside assistance. It’s easy to forget or lose your keys, to accidentally lock them inside, even to get them stolen, and that can be the most frustrating problem preventing you from driving. Even more difficult are problems like your transponder key not working or a broken ignition key. Our trained and experienced technicians will get to you within 30 minutes to provide lock picking, key reprogramming, cutting a new key on the spot, broken ignition key extraction, and more. We have all the tools in every single vehicle in our fleet of tow trucks.

Additionally important for roadside assistance is tire fixing and out of gas services. Yogi’s Locksmith & Auto Repair provides gas delivery if you run out so that you don’t have to walk for miles in the snow and ice to the nearest gas station. We’ll also make sure you get to a gas station safely and with a full tank before sending you on your way. Tire fixing can range from a flat tire to a rupture or puncture or other disaster that prevents your car from smoothly running on its four fully-functioning air-filled tires. Replacing a tire or fixing a tire is old hat to us; we do it all the time and are eager to help you when there’s an emergency. We can do it for you even if you know how to do it already but you don’t want to get dirty because you’re on your way to work.

One of the scariest car problems is not even getting your car to start. You have all the pieces but for some reason the key is just causing a clicking sound. Call Yogi’s Locksmith & Auto Repair and one of our technicians will be there quickly to diagnose the problem, fix it, and get you on your way, whether that means a simple jumpstart or fully car battery replacement.

For our roadside assistance services in Edmonton call (780) 628-7600